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3 Mar 2023

Author: SportscraftMarketing

From cotton to linen, we choose fabrics that will stand the test of time due to their quality, performance and versatility. While we celebrate local raw fibre production, we’re also passionate about the future of material innovation.

Below, learn more about the materials we use at Sportscraft. Our efforts will evolve over time, and we will keep you updated with our journey. 


Sportscraft's Responsible Material Sourcing Policy outlines best practice for sourcing responsibly from global fibre and textile producers. We are committed not only to crafting beautiful, high-quality garments, but to ensuring that our products are created without excess harm to the ecosystems and communities that are part of our supply chain. Our Responsible Material Sourcing Policy is key to this commitment, and to our progress towards ethical practices and sustainable futures.

Read Responsible Material Sourcing Policy


We're determined to keep reducing the impact of our materials, and to do so we have some great initiatives in the works.


  • Introduce Farm-to-Garment product ranges

  • Complete the final stages of our fabric tracing, moving into tracing yarn and raw fibre production to achieve visibility at the grower level

  • Have all linen European Flax Certified and all cotton either GOTS certified, Australian origin or fully traceable

  • Introduce recycled wool to our ranges and increase use of recycled cotton

  • Have all man-made cellulosics come from responsible sources

  • Replace virgin synthetics with recycled alternatives and reduce their use

  • Transition to 100% recyclable or reusable packaging

  • Measure and set reduction pathways for carbon emissions

  • Commit to land and biodiversity protection by partnering with an exciting Australian startup

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We source wool for select products in our ranges from Australian Woolmark farms which aim to prioritise regenerative practices that encourage soil health, increase biodiversity, and improve water cycles.

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