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Discover/Olympics 24/A Look Back At Our Olympics Outfits

A Look Back At Our Olympics Outfits

24 May 2024

Author: SportscraftMarketing

Founded in 1914, Sportscraft has grown from a family owned tailoring house to an integral part of Australian history. It’s with great pride that we, as a brand, once again take up the mantle to design the Australian Olympic uniform for a ninth time running. In partnership with the Australian Olympic Committee, we’ve curated a unique, all-Australian design that makes our athletes feel proud, inspired and honoured.

Image 1 - 2024 Paris

What we wear to the games has always been of interest.

Let's take a brief look back at Sportscraft's past Olympic outfits.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Image 2A - 2020 Tokyo
Image 2B - 2020 Tokyo

Our 2020 outfits showcased our emblematic colours of green and gold with designs inspired by both the angles and lines of Tokyo’s famous Shibuya city and our own Southern Cross. This unique capsule contained the official Olympic bespoke blazer, casual style shirt and blouses, skirts, shorts and scarves. These blazers also came with the names of 320 Australian gold medalists inside the lining of the jacket.

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Image 3A - 2016 Rio
Image 3B - 2016 Rio

Our 2016 Rio team showcased a uniform that reflected the Australian lifestyle as well as Rio’s iconic surroundings while remaining comfortable. This ensemble consisted of sharply-tailored green seersucker blazers with a gold-embroidered coat of arms and the burnished Australian Olympic coat of arms on its buttons. These jackets also featured a unique lining on the inside with each athlete’s name. This uniform included a silk scarf printed with our Southern Cross, 100% Australian merino wool knits, and a green and gold men’s tie.

London 2012 Summer Olympics

Image 4A - 2012 London
Image 4B - 2012 London

Our 2012 London uniform was classically modern. This uniform features a vintage sports jacket that took its inspiration from Australian sporting heritage that is both timeless and authentic. The uniform is relaxed and comfortable as a reflection of the Aussie lifestyle. A garment wash offers a vintage feel, further enhanced by hold embroidery and the Olympic crest. The modern colour palette features our iconic green and gold, highlighted by a crisp white.

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

Image 5A - 2008 Beijing
Image 5B - 2008 Beijing

The Beijing 2008 uniforms took a more corporate approach. This uniform features classic pinstripe suiting separates with trousers for men, and knee-length skirts for women. These uniforms included a blue and gold scarf for women, and a blue, green and gold tie for men with the embroidered Olympics crest to the chest of the blazer.


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