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Discover/Style Inspiration/Meet Olympic high jumper Brandon Starc

Meet Olympic high jumper Brandon Starc

19 Jan 2024

Author: SportscraftMarketing

Australian high jumper Brandon Starc is a highly accomplished athlete. He competed in the finals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2015 World Athletics Championships, and the 2016 Summer Olympics. He also won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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Behind each individual accomplishment, there is a diverse community that contributes to his success. He says,

“My team and my community are very important to me. Everyone plays their own individual part in our success, but we’re all one team.”

While high jumping may appear like a solo endeavour, Brandon says the reality is that there is an “absolutely huge team behind me.”

In the lead up to Paris 2024, Brandon stars in Sportscraft’s Club Sport campaign. Sportscraft is Australia’s most trusted fashion and lifestyle brand. From spirited matches to outdoor adventures, the brand has backed the active Australian lifestyle since 1914. As part of the sporting community for over a hundred years, Club Sport is an important part of Sportscraft’s legacy. The collection features classic sporting silhouettes reimagined in a new range of varsity cardigans, pleated skirts, cable knit sweaters, pique polos, breathable linen shorts and more. Brandon is featured in the campaign alongside fellow Olympic high jumper, Eleanor Patterson.

Brandon says, “It takes a certain type of community to get an athlete to the Olympics. It goes from very close family, my wife, my parents, even siblings, to my coach who has been there with me for a very long time.” This support extends to the dedicated professionals who ensure his physical and mental well-being – including his massage therapist, physiotherapist, and doctor.

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This groundwork for Brandon’s future athletic success was laid in childhood; “When I was younger, Mum and Dad always said yes. Any sport I was interested in or wanting to play, they would always support my decision.”

“Even though I’m the one taking the jump, it’s my team’s nonstop work that has got me onto the track,”

Brandon says. His achievements are not just personal triumphs but shared victories, reflecting the strength of his community.

Sportscraft is proud to be a part of this sporting community and is honoured to be designing the official Olympic blazer for the ninth year. The brand’s love of this lifestyle is why Club Sport is one of our most exciting campaigns.

We look forward to celebrating the Australian way with the world come the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

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