Sportscraft collaborated with prominent Australian artist Leah Bartholomew
to create a range of luxe summer essentials for the home (and the beach)! 
Leah's bold style and
energetic colour palette bring a vibrant aesthetic to the table this holiday season.




We asked Leah about her creative inspirations and favourite summer memories by the ocean.


SC: What was the most enjoyable part of your collaboration with Sportscraft?

LB: The team at Sportscraft were incredibly enjoyable to work with, and believed in my style of art which allowed me the freedom to create whatever I liked for them. One of the most enjoyable parts of the collaboration was the first steps of the art making, which was making my mini torn paper collages using colours I relate the Australian landscape with. These collages informed the larger designs.


SC: Talk us through the print, what makes it unique to Sportscraft’s summer?

LB: When I was doing my exclusive prints for Sportscraft, it was only natural to think of how it’s an iconic Australian brand that epitomises the carefree lifestyle we adore. I was thinking about my love of the Australian landscape with its warm earthy colours of our land which meet the cool blues and aqua of our beautiful beaches. 

There is something about the light here that is different to anywhere else. On a gorgeous summer day, the atmosphere is electric with everyone enjoying our outdoor lifestyle. I wanted to create a really  fresh playful print that encompasses that feeling.


SC: What are your favourite summer memories?

LB: I have so many! I absolutely love summer. Summer is a mix of beach BBQs, camping, swimming in incredible waterfalls on the Gold Coast and Byron hinterland, summer festivals and enjoying fun times with friends and family on my large deck. There is something so special about Australian summers living near the beach, everyone is so happy and living healthy - enjoying the outdoors and balmy nights.


SC: How will you be spending Christmas this year?

LB: Christmas is really simple and easy with my family. We spend it every year at Rainbow Bay beach lounging all day, eating seafood and having endless swims. At night my friends and I have a big party at someone’s house. It’s so nice to spend it with family during the day, and my besties at night.



When preparing to wrap the perfect gift box, the secret is to
not use too much paper (so you can avoid bulky folds).

Before you trim, wrap the paper around the box and make
sure the ends overlap just a couple of inches. As you fold over
the ends, the paper should extend just a little over halfway.

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