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Men's Club Sport

Our Club Sport menswear selection carries a distinctive charm that seamlessly blends sophistication with relaxed elegance. When it comes to boating attire, tennis style or golfing outfits made to be worn on the green or at the club for laid-back drinks, this timeless capsule exudes a sense of leisure and refinement. Embracing elements such as polo shirts, shorts, and knitted sweaters, this dedicated range of our men’s club sport capsule embodies the essence of leisurely moments on the water while maintaining a polished exterior.

Polo shirts epitomize all that we love about smart-casual dressing, offering versatility and comfort suitable for any occasion. When it comes to sporting style, opting for polo shirts crafted from breathable fabrics ensures both style and functionality. Pair them with our famous Bedfords for an all-Sportscraft outfit, or with a lined jacket to keep the wind at bay.

Whether you’re heading out on the deck of a boat, or on the green for a round, shorts are a quintessential piece of any sporting wardrobe that seamlessly blends comfort with sophistication. Style yours with lightweight linen tees, relaxed button-downs or with tailored blazers for a modern approach.

As the sun sets and the sea breeze picks up, knitted sweaters become a sartorial essential for maintaining warmth and style during evening outings on the water. Opt for lightweight knits in classic silhouettes, offering both breathability and insulation against the cool maritime air. Pair them with Sportscraft-made accessories to complete your style.

When embracing smart-casual tennis style, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and relaxation is key. While the atmosphere may exude a laid-back charm, maintaining a polished appearance demonstrates a keen eye for detail and respect for the occasion. Explore our Club Sport range for all your sailing needs – from denim jeans to linen shirts.

Smart-casual sporting style embodies the perfect harmony between leisure and refinement. From men’s polo shirts to knitted sweaters, each element of this capsule is meticulously curated to reflect the relaxed elegance synonymous with casual socializing events on the green, by the water, or on the tennis court.

Sportscraft acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the First Peoples of Australia and Traditional Custodians of Country. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and recognise their enduring connection to land and traditional knowledge.