One For The Road

This Father's Day, we sent four adventure (and party shirt) loving dads and dudes on the ultimate road trip of our youth. Riding down the Aussie east coast, they hit up Australia's big icons; with more than a few pit-stops and detours along the way. So let's keep the good times rolling, the good vibes going and just take the next left to...



1. The BIG Banana

DO: Venture (slightly) off the beaten track and spend a morning immersed in nature at Dorrigo National Park. Grab a coffee to-go and take in the sights, hike the trail to breathtaking waterfalls and lookouts or opt for a scenic drive!

WEAR: Keep it comfortable with a classic cotton tee beneath a button up linen shirt, and style back with denim or cargo shorts for a casual finish. In case of cooler temps, swap in our Long Sleeve Lee Sweat or a jumper of your choosing (shed as needed).


2. The BIG Prawn:

DO: Give the legs a good stretch and pop into Byron Bay on the way up. The real decider: fish and chips on the beach or sunset beers at the renowned Beach Hotel? We say kick your feet up and stay awhile.

WEAR: When you match your attire to your surroundings, you know you’ve done it right. Take cues from Byron’s unequivocal coastal vibrancy with fresh prints of both the nautical and tropical variety. Mix in some easy neutrals to make the colours really pop and voila, the ultimate outfit for beach-clad days and beers al-fresco.

3. The BIG Pineapple

DO: Nothing bonds a father and son like some good old-fashion competition. Play a round or two of putt putt at the Big Pineapple followed by a cool-down refresher at the café – we’ll see whose golf skills really are above-par (our bets on dad).

WEAR: Now we may not have perfected the sport, but we have perfected the (un)official uniform. Super soft and breathable, take on an afternoon of mini-golf in an easy-wearing polo that says ‘at least I look like I know what I’m doing.’ Oh, and lucky for you, we have every colour under the sun to choose from.