Make every day an adventure in the fabric designed to keep you cool and fresh,
whatever the occasion. Find out why we’re loving linen. 


Woven from the fibres extracted from the flax plant, linen
is valued for exceptional coolness in hot weather, and is
a stronger, more absorbent fabric than cotton.

Linen has a high natural lustre, it is resistant to moths,
lint free, cool to touch and becomes softer the more it
is washed. Linen can crease easily – however, we have
combined our linen garments with cotton and elastane
to help prevent this. Some linens come with a slub effect,
this is not a defect in the linen 
and does not compromise
the integrity of the linen.


Linen garments generally grow softer and more lustrous
with age. They are easy to take care of and do not require
dry cleaning. However, they can be if that’s what you prefer.

It’s best to wash linen in lukewarm or cold water in a
gentle machine wash. Hand or machine wash linen on
a gentle cycle in cold or luke warm water with a mild
detergent. Do not use a softener as this just coats the
linen. For best results, press when damp and line dry.
Don’t bleach unless the garment is white.




There’s no limit to styling your linen this season. In shirts, shorts, lightweight jackets and cleanly tailored dresses,
discover the collection tailored to summer.